Alberta Campgrounds | Gardening And Camping

Alberta Campgrounds | Gardening And Camping

Although many people might not think gardening and camping go together, they can do this in Alberta campgrounds. At elevated experience, at their Willie West location. Just outside of Drayton Valley, Alberta.

Alberta Campgrounds

They have built raised garden boxes. So that they can grow fresh vegetables. For the patrons of their campground. As well as to support the non-for profit food truck, operation Sasquatch.

The Food truck, will be in its first year of operation. And will be spending weekends, from Thursday to Saturday. At the Drayton Valley location of elevated experience camping.

In order to help them, elevated experience camping. Decided to donate some of their produce from their garden boxes. To the great non-for profit. So that they could keep their food costs low.

Which will in turn, keep their prices down. As they feed the hungry campers, and people using the day use area. At their Drayton Valley Alberta campgrounds. And while this is going to be one great use of these gardens.

People who are camping at elevated experience camping, at their Drayton Valley location. They will also be able to get the opportunity. To do some gardening themselves, and takes and vegetables as a reward.

A great benefit of this. Will be that elevated experience camping will have help. Tending to the garden, when people weed, and spend time in the garden. There are just a few rules that they must obey.

The first one, is that they must push all of the equipment back for they founded. And treat all of the plants and vegetables with respect. They can only take the vegetables that they will eat.

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And then close the gates when they leave. As long as everyone can abide by those rules. There will be plenty of fresh vegetables, for campers and food truck. There are other benefits of having a community garden.

Including helping bring an awareness to where food comes from. And can be a great learning opportunity. For families, bringing their children to Alberta campgrounds the summer.

Many children who grow up in the city. Often never have the opportunity. To see where their food comes from. Or the steps it takes to get from the farm, to their plate. This can be enlightening.

As well as allow them to start appreciating. Where their food comes from, and get their hands dirty while learning it. Another thing that a community garden will do, is it helps pull the community together.

As the community works together. Toward a common goal, of getting vegetables for everyone. Community Gardens also have a link to a reduction in crime as well.

Whether these community gardens are in a city, a town. Or in campgrounds, the way the elevated experience community garden is. Reduction in crime, happens for two reasons.

Vacant expensive land, is now occupied. With community members visiting it regularly. Making it and unattractive location. For criminals to conduct their business. Therefore, the used land.

Many people would love the opportunity. To go camping, and gardening at the same time. For people who would love to do this. All they have to do, is go camping at elevated experience, outside of Drayton Valley.

Alberta Campgrounds | Gardening And Camping Are Finally Together

Many people would not think to put gardening and camping together in Alberta campgrounds. But that is exactly what elevated experience camping did. To them, it was a no-brainer decision.

However, they did not just put a garden. Into the ground, they built raised garden beds. And this is extremely beneficial, for many different reasons. Starting with these gardens, are intended for the entire community.

Who are staying at the campground. The campers, and clambers alike. May not all have the same physical ability. To bend, or kneel down into a garden. To weed, tend to the plants.

And to harvest the vegetables that are growing. Therefore, elevated experience wanted to ensure that they could make gardening accessible. And because of that, raised the garden up.

Now, it is accessible to everybody. Whether they have a physical limitation or not. However, that is not the only benefit of having a raised garden. There are many benefits outside of aching it accessible to all.

If gardens end up getting too much water. What happens, is the roots get waterlogged. And can start to rot. As well as the soil can start to getting soilborne fungal diseases when they are in the ground.

However, raised garden beds. Can drain much more efficiently. Therefore, the plants are less likely to get waterlogged roots. As well as less likely to get soilborne fungal diseases in the Alberta campgrounds.

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More benefits of raised garden beds include eliminating the possibility. Of many animal pests from getting into the garden. Because they are raised off the ground. Small animals like mice, rabbits and even foxes and skunks.

Would happily eat the produce in a garden. As well as destroy the plants that the vegetables are growing from. But the fact that they raised it, means that these animals that are common in Alberta campgrounds.

Be unable to reach the garden. And therefore, be unable to destroy it. And while larger animals, like moose or deer would be able to. The elevated experience group, also built tall structures.

That make it impossible. For the deer and moose to reach the garden. But are on a hinge, and simply by opening a latch. They can swing open this barrier. To water, weed and harvest the garden.

And finally, when gardens are made in raised garden boxes. The benefit is. There much easier to be weeded, and much easier to be watered. Which means they are more likely to be taking care of thoroughly throw the summer.

For many people, a community garden. Within a campground, is the best opportunity. To experience gardening. Were teach their children, exactly what goes into putting the food on their plate.

However, the spots in the campsite are selling out very quickly. Therefore, campers and glampers alike. Should book their spots before too long. So that they do not miss out.