Alberta Campgrounds | Foraging For Mushrooms

Alberta Campgrounds | Foraging For Mushrooms

When people think about foraging for mushrooms in Alberta campgrounds. They may actually think about the dangers. Rather than the benefits of this fun spring, summer and fall activity.

Alberta Campgrounds

While it is true. There are many things to watch out for. In order to avoid eating poisonous mushrooms. There are dozens of different kinds of mushrooms. That are edible, in and around Alberta campgrounds.

Most of the mushrooms that are good to eat. Our considered poly spores. These grow on the ground, and many can be quite tasty. Some of the mushrooms, that people can find in elevated experience campground.

Include honey mushrooms, oyster mushrooms. Different varieties of morel mushrooms. As well as a wide variety. Of mushrooms, with very fun and interesting names. Such as the gem studded mushroom, inky cap.

As well as mushrooms named after animals, such as pig ear mushrooms, horse mushrooms, hedgehogs, and scaly hedgehogs. As well as mushrooms that may not seem as though they are edible.

Such as slimy spike mushrooms, fairy ring mushrooms. Glistening ink mushrooms. As well as mushrooms with interesting names like yellow guild risk you will a and hexagon all poly’s poor.

However, the kinds of mushrooms that people. Look for most frequently include honey mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, morels. And the most highly sought after mushroom is the saffron milk cap.

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When people are looking for mushrooms. The first thing that they should keep in mind. Is that it is not going to be as easy. As a walk in the park. Rather, mushroom foraging is more like a crawl.

People are going to have to get on their hands and knees. As not be afraid to get dirty. As most mushrooms grow where it is dark, damp and cool. And it will have to move things out of the way.

In order to get to those areas. The saffron milk cap mushrooms for example. Typically grow near the base of pine trees. Because tall pine trees can provide a lot of dark shade.

But also, because as they lose their needles. The needles can cover the ground. And provide the perfect cover to provide the. Dark, cool conditions that they love to grow in.

When people are identifying mushrooms. It is not enough. To simply look at the appearance. And base whether it is poisonous or not. On how it looks. Because many poisonous mushrooms.

Also have a look alike. That is completely innocuous. Which means, based on looks alone. Will not keep a mushroom forager safe. What they should do, when they are visiting Alberta campgrounds.

Is be able to identify at least one type of edible mushroom. By appearance. Smell, colour. But also most importantly. By the spore print that they leave behind. Mushrooms propagate through spores.

And being able to place a mushroom on a piece of paper. After a few hours, the spores that they in Mitt. Will be visible on the paper. The shape that they leave behind. And the colour, will indicate what mushroom it belongs to.

Alberta Campgrounds | Hints While Foraging For Mushrooms

There are many different reasons why people forage through Alberta campgrounds. In order to find mushrooms. While there are many varieties. That are completely edible. And are quite delicious.

Many people forage for mushrooms. Because they have very good medical. As well as cosmetic uses. For example, the gum mushroom. Which only grows in the boreal forest. Has great properties.

That many people love in their cosmetics. By collecting this mushroom. Drying it out, and grinding it into a fine powder. People mix this with water. And wash their face. Not only does it clean fantastically.

It soothes red areas. As well as softens and moisturizes. And it even has and exfoliants property to it. One of the most popular mushrooms. For pharmaceutical uses. Is called the Ganoderma Apple natum.

Which has an extremely long list of medicinal properties. And pharmacists, and herbalists alike. Our known to frequent Alberta campgrounds. To look for this fantastically useful mushroom.

When people are collecting mushrooms. They should keep in mind. That not only is it not a plant. It is also not considered an animal, or a bacteria. It evades all known classification.

And is in the classification all on its own. The mushroom that people see growing out of the ground. Is not in fact the entire organism. But considered a fruit. That grows from a larger organism.

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That grows underground, similar to a tree. Provides apples. And once the apples are picked. The tree still exists, and grows. That is why mushrooms are typically found. In the same areas, over and over.

Because the organism that is underground. Is still there, and growing as well. This organism is called the mycelium. And it can grow extremely large. Covering several hundred square kilometres.

In fact, the largest known living organism on planet earth. Is a single mycelium. That covers a large section of Russia. Because it is considered one organism. It is the largest known on the planet.

When people do get good enough. To forage for mushrooms. Pick them, and take them home to eat. They should not wash them. However, they can brush them off. With a soft cloth, their hands.

Or by purchasing a special mushroom brush. That has soft silicone bristles. And will not damage or bruise the mushroom as they brushed off the dirt and debris. The next step is to cut the mushroom open.

Quite simply, because there could be worms inside of them. Enjoying a nutritious meal on their own. And while worms will not harm a person. If they eat them. It could be quite unappetizing.

The only other word of advice. That mushroom foragers should take to heart. Is that they need to cook mushrooms thoroughly. Because uncooked wild mushrooms. Can cause gastrointestinal distress. As well as nausea and diarrhea.

Part boiling the mushrooms. And then slicing them up. Before frying them. Is one of the most popular ways to enjoy this treat. And whether at home. Or camping in Alberta campgrounds. People can do this, to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal.