Alberta Campgrounds | Encountering Skunks While Camping

Alberta Campgrounds | Encountering Skunks While Camping

There is a wide variety of wildlife in Alberta campgrounds. No matter what part of the province people are camping in. They can come across small animals that are fun to watch and photograph.

As well as larger animals that can be stressful, if campers and hikers do not know what to do when encountering them.

And while encountering wildlife of all kinds can be fun and exhilarating. Experts all recommend that campers and hikers stay distanced from wildlife for many reasons.

Not only can many different animals pose threats to campers and hikers. Even if they look gentle, or nonthreatening. And bigger animals can react in a variety of ways. Including aggressively towards people.

A can also be tempting to try and feed wildlife. In order to get a closer look. But this is also advised against. The matter what Alberta campgrounds people are spending time in.

Not only can giving wildlife food make them lose their fear of humans. It can also make them sick if the food is not designed for their digestive systems.

And it can cause them to become dependent on people for their food supply. Which can cause them to be aggressive when they do not get the food they are looking for.

However, many people agree that no matter what types of wildlife they can encounter while spending time in Alberta campgrounds. The skunk is one that nobody wants to encounter, because of their reputation.

While skunks are not known for being aggressive. And only come out at night because they are nocturnal animals. It is their spray, which is a defence mechanism. That causes fear and so many people.


This is their only real defensive mechanism. To help them protect themselves from predators. Therefore, they will use it only as a last resort. Because it takes them ten days to make more of this liquid.

Which will cause them to be defenceless for the ten days after they have used their spray. Therefore, before they do spray any animal or person. They will indicate a variety of ways that they are angry, and that they are planning on spraying.

First, they will start hissing at people and animals that are threatening them. And then they will start stamping their feet, and posturing in a threatening way. This is all for show, and designed to frighten the predator away.

They will also turn their body in such a way that their tail is pointed at the predator. And this is when they are getting ready to spray the noxious fluid that is their defence mechanism.

Best thing for people to do if they encounter a skunk. Is to stop immediately. However, skunks have terrible eyesight. And though they might know somebody is there, they might not know that they do not pose any threat.

If people stop and the skunk does not immediately run away. They should start very quietly and very slowly backing away from the animal. So that they can get as far away from the animal as possible. So that it can run away. Or that in case it does spray, they will not get hit.

By knowing how to interact with skunks when encountered in the wild. Can help people survive this encounter unscathed. And in a way that will not affect their camping trip.

Alberta Campgrounds | Encountering Skunks While Camping

Many people love to see wildlife in their natural habitat while going to Alberta campgrounds. However, there is one animal that many people do not want to encounter. And this would be the skunk.

The reason why many people do not want to encounter this animal. Is because it is reputation for delivering a smelly and noxious substance. To predators.

In fact, even animals that might typically pray on smaller mammals. Give the skunk a wide berth. And that includes wolves, foxes and coyotes. Who typically would pray on these types of animals.

However, they know that if they try to attack this creature, they will be hit with the noxious fluid that can cause irritation, temporary blindness and nausea.

Because of that, skunks do not have a lot of natural enemies. However, the great horned owl is one of the predators. Because they are often not impacted by the skunks natural defence mechanism.

However, from time to time people visiting Alberta campgrounds can get hit by this smelly fluid. Which can cause skin rotation, and a variety of other symptoms that can be painful or uncomfortable.

The first thing that people should do when they get sprayed by a skunk, is if they or their pets have the fluid in their eyes, to flush with cool water repeatedly.


Since the substance is oily, they need to have something that will break down the oils. And while tomato juice was often talked about as a effective method for neutralizing the oil. This is because of the asset in the tomato juice.

Having tomato juice on hand might be difficult for campers and hikers to have. But a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can be an extremely effective way to neutralize the oil, and breakdown the chemicals in this noxious substance.

When using this solution to treat skunk spray. People need to work quickly, because the hydrogen peroxide can have a bleaching effect. When treating their pets, it might bleach the pets for.

And people need to take great care in ensuring that the hydrogen peroxide solution does not drip into anybody’s eyes. By rinsing quickly, and then repeating as necessary. Can help neutralize the irritating chemicals in the skunk spray. And cause relief from irritation, blindness and nausea.

As well, when treating skunk smell. People should avoid going indoors. Because while the smell can be detected by the human nose for up to five point 6 km away.

When in the small confines of a tent, or camping trailer. It can cause people nearby to feel nauseous, and develop watery eyes and runny noses.

By understanding how to treat skunk spray. Can help hikers and campers be prepared when going to Alberta campgrounds. Because if they encounter a skunk, knowing what to do can be very beneficial.