Alberta Campgrounds | Camping By Lakes And Rivers

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping By Lakes And Rivers

Many people love going to Alberta campgrounds. In order to spend time close to, or on bodies of water. In Alberta, the choice is between lakes and rivers. And there are many differences between these two amazing natural resources in the province.

Alberta Campgrounds

Rivers are a body of water. That flow, typically into lakes. And eventually, into the ocean. One of the main rivers in Alberta. Is the North Saskatchewan River. This starts in Banff, being fed by a glacier.

And it flows through a lot of the northern parts of the province. From them, into Abraham Lake. All the way to the Big Horn Dam. Before it gets close to Alberta campgrounds, elevated experience camping.

This is close to the Brazeau dam. Where people who are spending time at elevated experience camping. Can enjoy the river. Whether they are motor boating, canoeing or kayaking on this body of water.

Or if they are enjoying it from the shore. Either hiking or biking by it. Or fishing on it from the shoreline. This is one of the most favourite activities. When people visit Alberta campgrounds. Particularly elevated experience camping.

From the Drayton Valley area it will flow to Devon and then Edmonton. Which is the largest city on the entire River basin. It flows to Fort Saskatchewan, since Rupert, and then the Battleford’s.

The Battleford’s are by the Saskatchewan border. And 30 km south of Prince Albert. Is where it joins the South Saskatchewan River. These two rivers join up, to form the Saskatchewan River.

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The river will flow into Lake Winnipeg. And eventually, into the Hudson Bay. This massive river, boasts over 1900 km of total River length. And while this is a great river for recreation.

It is also an extremely aggressive river as well. People who are spending time near or on. This particular body of water should be careful. Rivers in general are less safe than lakes for many different reasons.

First of all, they are constantly flowing. And the water that people see on the surface. Is slower then what is going on a foot, or even a metre below the surface. This undertow, is usually three times faster.

Therefore, even on an extremely calm day. People may be low into a false sense of security. Thinking that they can safely swim. In this, water. Without taking into consideration the fast undertow that they will experience.

As well, another reason why rivers are less safe than lakes. Is because it is constantly changing. A bright, beautiful and sunny day. Might have people thinking that the river is going to be calm.

But they do not realize, that three days earlier, 60 km away. There was a torrential downpour. And in an hour, the river can be very high. And flowing very fast.

Therefore, whether people are coming to elevated experience camping. Or are enjoying the river from somewhere else. They should always be cautious. And aware around this body of water.

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping By Lakes And Rivers Is Quite Popular

Many people love spending time in Alberta campgrounds. That are situated close to both lakes and rivers. This is one reason why many people go to elevated experience camping.

While they are situated on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. They also want people to be aware, of the many hazards of the river. It can be a great source of recreation.

As long as people respect the water. And keep their wits about them. When they are spending time on or close to it. As well as ensure that they have the necessary safety precautions. Such as lifejackets if necessary.

One common hazard on the river. Is the current. The current refers to the constant flowing of the water. That is a defining characteristic of rivers. Rivers flow, and therefore there will be a current.

The surface may seem calm. But one rule of thumb that everybody should keep in mind. About rivers, new matter which one they are spending time on. Is what they see on the surface.

Is much slower than what is happening under the surface. The water is usually three times faster. This is called the undertow. And people even standing in a very shallow amount of water. May be pulled in by this force.

This is why swimming on the river is discouraged. No matter what Alberta campgrounds people are visiting. They can enjoy the river in many ways. But it is recommended, to avoid swimming.

Another river hazards that people need to be aware of. Is the rapids. Rapids refer to the scenario. Of when flowing water hits and obstruction. This causes turbulence in the water.

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Typically making the water much more aggressive. And therefore, much more dangerous. People can typically identify rapids, by the whitecaps on the waves. As they run into obstructions and bounce off.

Another hazard of rivers are called holes. Holes are little voids that are created on the river bottom. Caused by swirling water. This is dangerous, because they can form out of nowhere.

And if someone has been walking in the river. A very safe river bottom. May contain holes, even an hour later. This is another reason why swimming in a river is discouraged. Because it is dangerous.

Rivers also can have eddies. Which are similar to rapids. But instead of hitting and obstruction. The water simply flows around the obstacle. Creating whirlpools. Eddies can be fantastic for fishing.

But they are dangerous to people who are canoeing. Or kayaking, swimming or even tubing on the water. When it comes to the North Saskatchewan River. It is considered a more aggressive river.

Therefore, if people do want to spend time on it. They should ensure that they have experience. On other, smaller. And a safer rivers before setting out to Alberta campgrounds.

In order to go canoeing for the first time for example. When people are ready to spend time the summer. Close to a river, the Alberta campgrounds that they should consider, are elevated experience camping. They will not be disappointed by the majesty of the river.