Alberta Campgrounds | Camping And Biking Together

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping And Biking Together

Many people visit Alberta campgrounds to get some biking in. Which is why at elevated experience camping. Last year, they brought in an entire fleet. Of mountain bikes for rent.

Alberta Campgrounds

And as predicted, it was a wildly popular activity. With people renting almost every single bike. For the entire duration. Of the camping season. This year, they knew they wanted to add new bikes.

To increase the number of people. Who could be riding on the trails. However, they also wanted to ensure. That they were more inclusive. And offering biking, to a wider variety of people.

The problem with mountain bikes. Is that they are only suitable. For people who are very able-bodied. And are already familiar with biking. Families with younger children. Or seniors camping with them.

Would typically not be able to go together. Because the children would be too small for the mountain bikes. And anyone with certain challenges. Like balance, would not be able to ride.

That is why, this year elevated experience camping. Is bringing recumbent bicycles. To their already impressive list of amenities and services. That they offer to the people visiting their campground.

These bikes, are very versatile. So that no matter who visits the Alberta campgrounds. Chances are quite good. That they will be able to pedal the bicycles with ease. First of all, they have four wheels.

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Instead of a bicycles typical to. And because of that, they are far more stable. With a bicycle. People must be moving. As well as having good balance. In order to ride them successfully.

However, with the new style of bikes. That elevated experience camping has brought in. People can sit comfortably. On the bike, while it is stationary. And there is absolutely no risks. Of it falling over.

This is perfect, especially since many people. Like children, who may be learning how to ride a bike. Would be able to operate this style of bike. Very confidently, especially on the trails.

That might not be perfectly flat. And that may have two eggs, or branches. Blocking the way, that might cause the child. To fall over if they are not careful. However, this is not the only thing. That make the bikes different.

They also have a wide, plastic bucket seats. Instead of the uncomfortable saddle seats. That typical bikes come with. This style of seat, is great for people. Of all sizes, and shapes. From a small child. To a full-grown adults.

What is even more fantastic. Is that this seat is completely adjustable. People can move the seat completely forward. To accommodate a young child. Or move the seat backwards for a tall adults.

As well, instead of handlebars. The bikes come complete with a steering wheel. Which is more intuitive to learn how to steer with. Making these bikes, a great asset to the Alberta campgrounds.

So that a wider variety of people. Will be able to experience the joy of biking. As well as see the campground, in a completely new way.

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping And Biking Together On Your Vacation

One of the reasons why many people visit Alberta campgrounds. Is because they want to slow down, destress. And engage in some healthy activities. Many people love to spend time in the great outdoors.

Whether it is sitting reading a book. Just relaxing, or if they want to get active. And go hiking, biking. Or even boating on the North Saskatchewan River. All of those things are possible at elevated experience camping.

However, biking might be difficult. Especially since many people are unable. To pack their bicycles along with their camping gear. And despite the fact that they might love both. They have to choose one or the other.

When people make the choice, out of all of the Alberta campgrounds to visit. To go to elevated experience camping. Just outside of Drayton Valley. Okayed in the beautiful, and picturesque river valley.

Right beside the North Saskatchewan River. They do not have to make the choice. They can bike, and camp. Because elevated experience camping. Has bicycles for rent. That way, people can wake-up in the morning.

And grabbed one of the bicycles. And head out on the trail. There are several different trails that people can take. And this year, elevated experience camping. Has even installed interpretive trail markers.

Educating people about the different vegetation, and animals. There likely to see on their journey. As well as some history about the area. That people are camping in.

Biking can be great for physical health. As well as mental health. Which is why so many people. Love to spend time camping. As well as biking. Bikes are perfect for beginners. People with injuries, and people who have joint pain.

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This is because it is considered a low impact activity. That does not put strain on the joints. It is also considered an aerobic activity. Which is also very good for people’s hearts.

As they pedal their bike, they are building muscle. Gaining strength, and increasing their endurance. While lowering their risk of strokes and heart attacks. And lowering their blood pressure.

As well, because people will be working out the largest muscle groups on their body. By working out their quads, glutes. Their hamstrings and calves all at the same time. What happens, is that people can speed up.

Their metabolism, burning more calories. As well as more fat, and keeping that furnace going. For the rest of the day. This is going to help them use up all of the energy storage that they have.

But also, it will improve many adults insulin levels. That can help them, lower their risk of diabetes. And if they already have this, it can help make the disease more manageable.

Because there are so many reasons to go biking, while camping. When people are looking for Alberta campgrounds to visit. They should look no further than elevated experience camping.

There are so many more activities. Or than just biking. From mini golf, a retro arcade. Several different lawn games to rent and play. As well as glamping facilities, picnic sites and food trucks.