Alberta Campgrounds | Camping And Biking Are Perfect

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping And Biking Are Perfect

While camping in Alberta campgrounds, is a favourite pastime. So is biking, which is why elevated experience camping. Decided to bring the two together.

Alberta Campgrounds

Last year, was the first year bringing mountain bikes. To the guests of elevated experience camping. And while that was received phenomenally well. They wanted to bring something a little bit different this year.

While people can still rent the mountain bikes. They have also brought in a fleet. Of recumbent bicycles. These bicycles, will fit people with wider body of diversity. With a single bike being able to allow a five-year-old child to bike.

While allowing, a six and a half foot men to bicycle comfortably. In the same unit. All they have to do, is shift the bucket seat forward, to allow smaller legs access to the petals. While moving the bike seat back. To allow tall legs to fit comfortably.

However, this is not the only difference. Between the recumbent bicycles. And the mountain bikes. The seat it self, is a comfortable bucket style seat. Which people of varying capabilities.

And health levels, will be able to fit. A small child will be able to sit comfortably. While someone who has hip problems. Or different disabilities, can use without problem. And it is not just people with disabilities. It is people who have never gone biking before.

And may be concerned about their balance. Especially in the river valley. With all of their twisty trails. And hills, as well as valleys. On this bike, it is completely stable. As it has four wheels instead of two.

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Therefore, no matter how slow people go. And stop, they will never to pull over on this fleet of bicycles. Not only that, but they even have a tandem model.

So that people can sit side-by-side. To explore the river valley. And enjoy nature, side-by-side. This is a great opportunity. For bicycle enthusiasts. And beginners, to hit the trails together.

And when people are visiting Alberta campgrounds, at elevated experience camping. There is a wide variety of trails. To make every person happy. From flat surfaces. That will provide no challenge for beginners.

So that they can get the hang of the bicycle. With ease, and grow their own confidence. There are intermediate trails. That are a bit rocky. That have some hills.

So that the intermediate a bicyclist. Will have a good time, enjoying the trails. Without getting to board. And for that expert bicyclist. They have extremely steep inclines. And far rougher terrain.

That can give a challenge, for even the most expert in the field. And while many people, do not want to spend the entire vacation. Biking, there are many other activities. At elevated experience camping. That people can enjoy.

When they are done biking for the day. They can enjoy a game of minigolf. Spend time in the retro arcade. And even do some goat yoga. That is regular yoga class, surrounded by goats at Alberta campgrounds.

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping And Biking Are A Perfect Combination

There are many benefits to both visiting Alberta campgrounds, and biking. Many people end up going camping for their vacation. Because they find nature, to be relaxing and restorative.

These are the same reasons. Why people love camping. And combining the two, make perfect sense. When people want to visit Alberta campgrounds. Where they can rent a bike.

They should look no further than elevated experience campground. They have a several different types and styles of bikes. To suit almost every kind of biker. The most important thing to keep in mind.

Is that bikes are a great low impact aerobic activity. Low impact, such as swimming. Does not stress out people’s joints. The same way that running, or even walking does.

Making this one of the best activities. For people who have sore joints. Or, who are suffering from other injuries. In fact, many doctors recommend biking. To help heal injuries.

As it can increase circulation and blood flow. And the blood flow, to the injuries, is what helps heal. Another great thing about biking. Is that people can do it at their own pace, and speed.

Someone may want to bike very slowly. While someone else, may want to speed quickly. And neither makes a difference, to how effective the aerobic activity can be.

The reason why aerobic activity is so fantastic. Is because it is healthy for people’s hearts. Lowering people’s risks of heart attack, stroke. And even lowering high blood pressure.

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It is also a great activity for people’s muscles. And by biking for just ten minutes a day. Whether in Alberta campgrounds or somewhere else. People can work their quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

All at the same time, providing an excellent workout for their legs. When people bike first thing in the morning. They find that they are more alert. And they stay alert throughout the entire day.

Simply because it increases their circulation. Which wakes people up. And keeps them up. When people want to enjoy all of their camping experience. And avoid having to go to sleep early. Because of the fresh air.

By starting their day, with a quick half hour bike ride. Can allow them to stay up. To experience the amazing nighttime stars. That people will see in the river valley.

However, biking is not just good for people’s bodies. It is good for their mind as well. Biking, reduces stress and lowers anxiety. Because it helps people release endorphins as they work out.

That have been clinically proven, to impact stress levels and anxiety. And while biking is not a replacement for someone’s mental health medication. It can help people cope with the stresses.

That comes with living with mental illness. The active cycling, forces people to concentrate. Allowing them to bring an awareness to the present moment. If people feel listless.

Simply biking for ten minutes. Can help them feel more in tune to themselves. While biking is not the cure for everything. It can help people feel good. And enjoy their vacation.