Alberta Campgrounds | Bringing Camping And Gardening Together

Alberta Campgrounds | Bringing Camping And Gardening Together

People who do not think gardening belongs in Alberta campgrounds. Clearly, never visited elevated experience camping. Located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley.

Alberta Campgrounds

They decided to bring in raised garden beds. To their already impressive list of amenities. At their flagship campground this year. For many reasons, starting with helping people eat healthier.

This year, the not-for-profit food truck called operation Sasquatch. Will be selling gourmet hot dogs. As well as a gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. At their campground, Thursday through Sunday.

And in the town of Drayton Valley during the week. And in order to help ensure. That they had everything they needed to be successful. Elevated experience camping decided to plant a garden.

Ultimately, to help them have an expensive, fresh vegetables. To use in their menu. Allowing them to undoubtedly give back to. The community by definitely serving. Elevated Experience guests within the Alberta campgrounds they manage.

But as well, they wanted to ensure. That they would be able to offer fresh produce. As well as the gardening experience, to the guests that come through their Alberta campgrounds.

There are many and if it is, of having a community garden. Whether they are in a campground. Or in a town, or city. One of the first benefits, is helping people understand. Exactly where their food comes from.

And promoting food sustainability. And teaching people about agriculture. Some people, have never seen vegetables being grown. Or do not know what it looks like, when their favourite vegetables.

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Are in the process of growing, whether they are grown on the plant. Underground, or how they look before they are prepared for eating. A community garden, can help people understand where their food comes from.

Another reason why community gardens are so beneficial. Is because it can actually help community save money by reducing food transportation costs. As they are able to eat food they grow.

Instead of having all of their food. Brought in by truck, who has driven hundreds of miles. And the produce, has been sitting for days or even weeks. Before it gets to the grocery store.

Another benefit of a community garden. Is that it brings communities together. To help them work as a group, growing food. For a common goal, also minimizing crime. As vacant lands are now filled.

And areas that used to be void of human activity. Now are bustling with lots of activity. Another benefit of people having community gardens close to where they live, work or playing.

Is that community gardens improve the soil and air quality. As the plants breathe in the carbon dioxide that we exhale. And turn it into oxygen. Not only do they eliminate the carbon dioxide in the air.

But it more breathable oxygen for people. There are so many benefits of community gardens. Even if they are built in campgrounds. That if people would like to experience some gardening on their vacation.

To either engage in this relaxing activity themselves. Or teach their children where their food comes from. This is going to be the most opportune time.

Alberta Campgrounds | Merging Camping And Gardening Together

New amenity people can look forward to in the Alberta campgrounds. That elevated experience camping manages. Are raised community garden beds. This has a lot of benefits to it.

Community gardens are extremely beneficial. For helping the community come together. Lowering crime level, and helping people be healthier. Through eating nutritious food.

Exercising, through tending to their garden. As well as the mental health benefits gardening provides. But also, the oxygen levels will increase. When a garden is planted, itches healthy for the entire community.

Whether they ever set foot in the community garden or not. At elevated experience camping, not only are they bringing community gardens to their Alberta campgrounds that they manage.

But they are also bringing in raised garden beds. Which are very beneficial for many different reasons. First of all, raised gardens are much more accessible. And whether someone has physical limitations.

And are unable to participate in traditional gardening. Having access to raised gardening beds. Can help them enjoy this peaceful, and healthy activity. In ways that they perhaps could not before.

Even if people simply have a bad back, or for knees. Bending down to weed or tend to a garden. Or even harvest of the vegetables from one period may be something that they are unable to do.

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But in raised garden beds in campgrounds. Means this an activity that they can enjoy. Another benefit of raised garden beds, is that they are less prone to weeds. Because it is much easier to catch the weeds when they are small.

Because the garden beds, are at height. That are easier for most people to manage. But also, it is very difficult for small animals to get into a raised garden bed. Who would otherwise be more than happy.

To eat all of the vegetables, and plants within a regular garden on the ground. Habits, squirrels and mice. Can damage a garden in a very short amount of time. But are unable to get to the vegetables.

In a raised garden. However, that does not mean that dear cannot to get into a raised garden bed. And anyone who has visited Alberta campgrounds before. Will understand that dear are a real possibility to see.

Therefore, at elevated experience camping. They placed a large stiff mesh gates. On the sides of their garden beds. To keep out the larger vegetable predators. Such as deer, or even moves that come into the area.

Another benefit of the raised garden beds. Is that there is better drainage. To guard against overwatering. As well as guard against soilborne fungal diseases. That can settle in, when there is not great drainage.

In a traditional garden on the ground. When people are interested in going to Alberta campgrounds that can help them learn about where their food comes from. The choice is clear, with making the reservation. At elevated experience camping.