Alberta Campgrounds | Biking Is Healthy For Your Heart

Alberta Campgrounds | Biking Is Healthy For Your Heart

As soon as camping season opens up, people raced to various Alberta campgrounds. To enjoy spending some time away from home. Time away from their work, to rest and relax.

Alberta Campgrounds

And while there are many different activities. That people can do, and many different Alberta campgrounds. From fishing, or boating in the lake or river. To exploring trails.

Many Albertans also love biking. But are unable to combine the love that they have. Of camping, with biking at the same time. Because they simply do not have enough space. To pack their camping gear.

As well as their bikes, at the same time. This is unfortunate. Because the summer in Alberta. Is frustratingly short. Which means people often have to pack. Many different activities.

Into a short amount of time. This is why elevated experience camping. Decided to add a fleet of bicycles. To their already impressive list. Of amenities that they would offer their guests.

At elevated experience camping, outside of Drayton Valley. Nestled in the beautiful, and picturesque river valley. On the shore of the North Saskatchewan River. Many people love the diverse trails.

That they can explore at this Alberta campgrounds. However, while it would be perfect for biking. If they did not bring their bicycle. They would be out of luck. And that made elevated experience camping sad.

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By bringing in a fleet of mountain bikes. They would be able to rent bicycles to their campers. Who could now, enjoy their two favourite activities. Going camping in Alberta. And exploring trails on a bike.

And while this was one of their most popular activities last year. Even though they had a wide variety of services and amenities. Such as mini golf, a retro arcade. And even go to yoga.

The bikes, or almost all sold out. Every single day, that the campsite was open. And while they wanted to add new bicycles this year. They also wanted to increase the variety of people. Who could ride them.

Bikes, are fun. But need to be manoeuvred. By people who have good stability. No balance issues. And also, people who have experience riding a bike. It is not the time to learn how to ride a bike.

While on an unfamiliar bike. On unfamiliar trails. However, that is where they came up with the idea. To bring in a fleet. Of recumbent bicycles instead. These bicycles, look unique.

First of all, they have four wheels instead of two. Which has the benefits, of being extremely stable. People who have stability or balance issues. Can now recline comfortably. In the comfortable bucket seat.

Which can be moved forwards. Or backwards, depending on how long or short their legs are. This means the smallest bicyclist. A small child, of five years old. Or a large adults can use the same bicycle.

After adjusting the seat quickly. This means a wider variety of people. Can experience the beauty of the river valley. On a bike, and get to experience something different. During their summer vacation.

Alberta Campgrounds | Biking Is A Heart Healthy Activity

There are many health benefits of camping in Alberta campgrounds. As well as biking. Which is why Carmen and Jason of elevated experience camping. Wanted to bring the two together.

And while many people understand. That spending time in nature. Is peaceful, relaxing. And restorative. Which is amazing for people’s mental health. As well as helping people lower their blood pressure.

Biking also has many health benefits. Both physical, and mental. One of the first things that people may not even know. About the activity of riding a bike. Is that it is considered low impact.

Which means, it has the least impact or damage. To people’s joints. Which means it is a great activity. For people who have joint problems. Or other body pain, that might impede their ability. To do other forms of exercise.

As well, even low intensity biking. Can be a very good aerobic workout. And as many people may know. Aerobic workouts, are the ones that are healthiest. For people’s hearts. Even ten minutes a day.

Can lower a person’s high blood pressure. And reduce their risk of having a stroke or a heart attack. When combined in Alberta campgrounds. People can achieve an almost Zen -like state.

As well, biking is great for the muscles. And people will be working out. All of their largest body muscles. Simply by peddling a bike. From their glutes, quads and hamstrings. Down to their calves.

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People will be able to increase muscle mass. Strength and endurance. Which is extremely great, simply because muscle mass. Is directly responsible. For burning fat and calories.

When people end up biking, for just ten minutes. They can boost their metabolism. And when they do this on an empty stomach. The metabolism boost, happens for the entire day. And not just while they are exercising.

Evidently people can also improve their insulin levels. Which actually helps them burn first, twice as many calories. And second, twice is much fat. Thus increasing their circulation. Hence helping people feel more awake and alert.

Therefore, bringing bicycles to Alberta campgrounds. Can help people not only enjoy their vacation more. But help them, start to live a more healthy lifestyle. It is also a great activity.

For helping people’s mental health. Because as people exercise. Consequently, endorphins are released into their brain. And endorphins, are the happy chemical. Boosting people’s mood. And lowering stress levels.

Additionally, people who exercise regularly. Report having fewer feelings of depression. Because of that endorphin rush. And, say that ultimately they feel less stressed, and less anxiety as well.

While many people may always have wanted to go biking, in Alberta campgrounds. It is now a reality. It simply is necessary, for people to book their campsite. Before the campground is all sold out.

Undoubtedly all they have to do. Is visit the elevated experience camping website. In order to book their vacation, or their weekend away. So that they can enjoy the outdoors. And all of their favourites activities together.