Alberta Campgrounds | Avoiding Skunks Spray

Alberta Campgrounds | Avoiding Skunks Spray

Often, people travel to Alberta campgrounds to enjoy the scenic beauty. As well as enjoy witnessing the beauty of the wildlife. No matter what campground people travel to, they can see an abundance of beautiful wildlife.

Whether they want to go bird watching, take photographs, or simply enjoy the beauty of the animals in their natural habitat. Any of the Alberta campgrounds they travel to. We will give them many opportunities.

They can see smaller animals like songbirds, squirrels and rabbits. If they go to lakes, they can see animals that live near the water such as Canadian geese, ducks and even pelicans.

Depending where they go, they can see larger animals like deer, elk and even Moose. And as many campgrounds are in bear country. The occasional their sighting has been known to have been as well.

While seeing these animals can be exhilarating and an extremely moving experience. There is one animal that many campers and hikers alike. Wish to never come across during their travels.

This animal is the skunk, and it comes with a very bad reputation. Because it skunks natural defence is to spray their predators. Many people have become fearful of this very meek animal.

However, this bad reputation has served the skunk well. Since typical predators, such as foxes and coyotes will avoid this animal. Because they will not want to get hit with its noxious spray.

Humans should not fear this creature. Because it does not wish to spray. And does so only as a last line of defence. To avoid getting eaten.


When skunks spray, not only does it deplete their energy. But it also leaves them defenceless for up to ten days, while their body produces more of the chemical that protects them.

Therefore, when people encounter skunks within Alberta campgrounds. They should simply stop moving to allow the skunk to run away.

If people notice that the skunk is with their babies, they might end up feeling more threatened, and be more likely to spray. But if people stop moving and start travelling backwards very quietly. They can give is much room in between them and the skunk as possible.

Also, skunks will do a number of posturing activities to frighten the predator into running away. And when they start doing this, it gives a person ample time to get out of the area, so that they do not risk getting sprayed.

For example, the skunk might start hissing, stamping their feet before ultimately starting to act like they are going to charge. They will not charge however, because they have no way of attacking a predator. This is just an effort to scare the predator away.

If people notice that the skunk is not running away after they stopped, they can take a flashlight and shine it quickly and hopes to scare the skunk away.

If this does not work, and the skunk starts posturing. They can start moving backwards, while protecting their eyes, so that they do not get sprayed in the face.

By understanding exactly what to do when encountering skunks while camping or hiking. Can help ensure that people and up coming out of the experience unscathed.

Alberta Campgrounds | Avoiding Skunks Spray

No matter what Alberta campgrounds campers go to. Chances are quite good that they are eventually going to encounter a skunk. This most likely will happen at dusk. Because skunks are nocturnal creatures, and will come out at night to start foraging for food.

If people encounter a skunk, they should realize that spraying is literally their last line of defence. And something they only do as a last result resort.

While people should stop moving, and start travelling backwards if they see a skunk. Not everything that a person can do can protect themselves. Perhaps they have a dog that is barking or jumping. That can startle to skunk.

Or, if a person startles the skunk completely unannounced while in Alberta campgrounds. They simply might spray in defence. No matter why skunk ends up spraying, people should understand exactly what they can do to protect themselves and neutralize this liquid.

The spray that a skunk has is oil, and smells like sulphuric acid. Because it smells very bad, it can cause watery eyes, runny noses, nausea and vomiting for people who have been sprayed. As well as people in the immediate area.

Since skunk smell can be smelled by human nose up to five point 6 km away. The closer people are in proximity to the skunk smell, the more affected they could get.

This is why people who have been sprayed should stay outside, and avoid going inside, whether it is a building, home or a trailer.

While if they have been sprayed in the eyes, it can cause temporary blindness. And if they get any on their skin, it can cause severe irritation. Fast action is important. To ensure people are affected minimally.


If sprayed in the eyes, people should flush their eyes out with water. And to do this several times to get the oil out of their eyes.

And while many people have heard anecdotal advice that tomato juice is a way to minimize the smell of skunk spray. The reason why this works, is because of the acid in the tomatoes. And anything acidic can be beneficial. So if campers and hikers do not have tomato juice. There are other things that they can do to minimize the smell.

A great solution is by using 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda. Can neutralize the oil and minimize the smell effectively. However, people need to ensure that they rinse it quickly off their skin, or their pets for. Because it has a bleaching quality to it.

It is also very important that hydrogen peroxide not get in people or pets eyes. Because it can cause damage, and cause a lot of pain as well.

If people do not have hydrogen peroxide on hand. Even a solution of white vinegar and water. Can break down the oil. In order to neutralize the skunk spray and smell.

When people are going to Alberta campgrounds. Knowing what to do when encountering a skunk can be important. But also, being prepared and bringing hydrogen peroxide or vinegar.

Can help ensure that if they do encounter a skunk. They are able to neutralize the oil quickly, to protect themselves and their pets.