Alberta Campgrounds | Avoid Littering While Camping

Alberta Campgrounds | Avoid Littering When Camping

It is very important for all campers to respect the Alberta campgrounds that they are spending their time in. So that everyone can enjoy a clean area during their vacation.

If even a few people fail to follow some basic guidelines. It can distract from the enjoyment of camping. When others have to put up with garbage, or disrespectful campers.

One of the first things that all campers should keep in mind. Is to avoid littering. This is true when they are spending time inside their campsite. As well as in the general campgrounds as well.

Not only can littering make the aerial look less attractive. And distract from the beauty of the area. If the garbage is food related. It can also attract a wide array of wild animals into the campgrounds. That could put other campers in danger.

Smaller animals such as mice and squirrels and even birds. Can be drawn to the garbage. Which can result in a larger mass. And spreading feces in the area.

But larger animals also can be attracted to litter caused by food. Which can be dangerous to other campers. And could end up causing damage to people’s property, as well as the amenities at the Alberta campgrounds.

There will be a large number of garbage bins throughout the Alberta campgrounds. And as long as people are disposing their garbage quickly and in the best receptacles. They can avoid attracting wildlife, and putting other campers at risk.

Minimizing litter includes smoking campers not dropping their cigarette butts or cigar butts on the ground. Not only is this a fire hazard. If that cigarette but sets plants on fire.


If it starts a fire, it could put people’s property at risk. Or damage some of the facilities in the campground. And even spread to the surrounding forests. And start a forest fire. Therefore, all cigarette smokers need to know that it is never okay to drop their cigarette but on the ground.

Similar to the garbage bins, there will be ashtrays throughout the campgrounds. So that people can dispose of their cigarettes appropriately. To minimize the risk of fires.

Campers should feel empowered however. To pick up any trash that they see lying around. So that all campers can enjoy the beauty of the area. Without having to look at garbage. The management of the campground does their best to stay on top of garbage. But if everyone works towards this. It will be an easier goal to achieve.

This includes being mindful of the trash inside the campers own campsites. They should ensure that they have a garbage bin in their campsite that can securely hold any garbage that they have. Or else, they can walk the short distance to a nearby garbage bin. And properly dispose of that trash. So it does not end up blowing out of the campsite and around the entire campground.

By keeping this in mind, people can ensure that the campground will be kept clean for the enjoyment of all campers.

Alberta Campgrounds | Please Don’t Litter While Camping

Part of the enjoyment of camping in Alberta campgrounds. Is that people will get to enjoy the gorgeous scenery. And if it is full of garbage. That can take away from the enjoyment of the beauty.

Therefore, all campers need to be very mindful of doing what they can to avoid letting trash clutter up the landscape.

Not only that, but there are other things that campers can do that can help ensure that everyone who visits the Alberta campgrounds can get the best enjoyment of their time there.

When way that campers can help ensure that everyone can enjoy the space is by leaving the firewood that they might want to bring at home. Many campers think that this is a great way to ensure that they can have many long fires.

However, they might not understand that this can put the campground and the surrounding forests at risk. The reason why, is because there is a great number of pests and diseases that can live on the wood. And when that wood is brought in to a campground, it can spread it quite easily.

For example, pine beetles are known for causing massive destruction to all of the pine trees in an area. And if they come in on one piece of firewood. It can cause widespread devastation.

Dutch Elm disease is another example of the disease that is quite contagious.


And could cause a lot of destruction if it catches from firewood onto the surrounding forest.

Instead of bringing their own wood. Campers should understand that Alberta campgrounds will have firewood for use or for sale. That they will not need to take up space in their vehicle by bringing their own in.

Campers should also be very aware of how they pack their food into the campgrounds. To minimize the attraction of wild animals. This means keeping all of their food in an airtight container at all times.

As well as preparing their food quickly. And throwing out garbage promptly. By doing this, campers will be able to ensure that they are not attracting more wildlife to the area. That can cause damage, or injure themselves or others.

The more wildlife that is attracted to the area, the harder it is to get rid of them. And so when all campers abide by these rules. They can help ensure that they are not attracting wildlife unintentionally. That could put people at risk.

It is also important that all campers are respecting the campgrounds quiet time. Especially since many campers have small children that need to get their sleep. Or they need to go to bed early. So that they can wake up early for their camping adventures.

Those campers that want to stay up past this time. Can feel free to enjoy their fire, and each other’s company. But need to do so quietly. Means they should turn their stereo off and avoid the yelling.

By following these important rules. All campers can have a great time, no matter what drew them to the campground. And the more campers that enjoy their stays. While encourage more campers to come, and enjoy nature.