Alberta Campgrounds | All Things Glamping

Alberta Campgrounds | All Things Glamping

Although many people believe that glamping is something new to be enjoyed throughout Alberta campgrounds. This is actually not a new concept. With Genghis Khan being thought to be the first glamour in the world.

In fact, royalty of all kinds, as well as the richest of the rich. Frequently traveled in style. And while they stayed in tents. They had the most luxury items for these tents. Such as the Sultan who hung silk from the poles of his tent. And had silk rugs lane at his feet.

While most of the world’s royalty and the richest of the rich have been glamping. Such as Matthew McConaughey, who created a glamping site for his friends and family to enjoy his wedding.

Glamping is now coming to the masses. Bringing a touch of luxury to the traditional camping that people have been enjoying for years.

The word glamping literally is a mashup of 2 words. Camping, and glamorous. Throughout the world, people have described this as luxury camping or posh camping. With the word glamping actually being coined by someone in the UK in 2005.

And glamping is starting to catch on everywhere including in Alberta campgrounds. There are many different types of glamping that people can experience. From your it is, which are portable, round tents.

With structured walls and ceilings. To luxury tents, small cabins. And even some extremely unique structures such as igloos, which are made of snow and ice. Pods, which are portable.


Glamping sites created from grain bins as well as more traditional glamping structures. Such as RVs and houseboats. Many people consider glamping unauthentic way for people to experience the beauty of nature. As well as the culture that they are visiting.

For example, many Alberta campgrounds are offering an authentic look at the provinces first Nations. By allowing them to stay in an authentic tipi. Which will allow them to enjoy the culture thoroughly.

Up north in northern Canada such as the Northwest Territories, none of it or the Yukon. People go glamping in tents made out of glass. So that they can witness the beauty of Northern lights.

And by sleeping under the stars. They get an experience that they would never be able to get while staying in a hotel room. Or sleeping in a tent.

While glamping is a great way to experience nature as well as culture. The amenities that are available in each glamping site can vary wildly. From air conditioning, to heating and fireplaces. Indoor plumbing in some of them or a hot tub.

People should look at all of the various glamping sites that are in the area they wish to travel to. And find one that has all of the amenities that they are looking for.

Throughout the world, people can expect to pay anywhere between $50 a night for glamping site. Upwards of $3000 for one evening in the luxurious accommodations.

When people are looking for a unique getaway in Alberta campgrounds. They should look no further than glamping and many of the sites that the province has to offer.

Alberta Campgrounds | All Things Glamping

The reason why many people choose to go glamping in Alberta campgrounds. Is because it will give them an experience unlike any others.

Many people love the idea of camping. But do not have the time, energy, finances or room. In which to purchase and store their camping gear for the majority of the time that they are not using it.

Therefore, when they want to escape the city and enjoy nature. Glamping is something that they can enjoy. Because they do not need many supplies for their adventure.

Or, people might choose to go glamping. Because they want to spend time with friends and family who are already camping. But they do not enjoy the activity. But want to spend time close to friends and family.

It can also be a fun way to experience something that they have never experienced before. Such as African safaris. Can be considered glamping. Based on a lot of the amenities that can be experienced.

It can be a fun way for people to view the world. Or view Alberta campgrounds in a way that they have never experienced before.

Glamping is sometimes a way for people to experience camping who have never been before. In order to see if it is an activity they would like to do more of. By giving them a taste of nature. Without forcing them to commit to staying an entire week in a tent on the ground.


Some glamping sites can have many different amenities. Such as air conditioning, fridges, barbecues and coffeemakers. Some glamping sites boast satellite television, Wi-Fi, hot tubs and fireplaces even.

While some glamping experiences come complete with a personal chef, a wine tasting, or similar luxury events. There are as many different styles of glamping as there are glamping sites throughout the world.

From rustic cabins, to luxury tents, yurts which are a semi permanent structure with walls and ceilings. 2 typical RVs and houseboats.

Ultimately, anything can be centered glamping. If it allows people to experience more luxuries than they would experience from camping alone.

And while luxury camping is catching on throughout the world. It is not new. Because the world’s royalty, and richest citizens. Have been camping since the earliest time. With Genghis Khan considered the earliest glamper. With his luxury tents and many amenities.

If people are looking for a unique experience. That allows them to enjoy all of the beauty and wonderment of the outdoors. While not having to sleep on the ground necessarily.

They should look for glamping sites in various Alberta campgrounds. To have an experience that they will not soon forget for themselves, their friends and their family.

Once people get a taste of how wonderful glamping can be. They will make more trips to the beauty of the outdoors. With all of the amenities of home.